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Have you ever had a feminine man for a boyfriend or have you had a crush on a pretty boy? Perhaps you think there should be more feminine men because they can give you the best of both worlds. Or perhaps you just like men who just have a slight feminine touch, such as long hair or delicate features.

Well, there's no reason you shouldn't get what you want because now days there are more and more beautiful feminine boys and men around. Of course, not all men will turn feminine so it will always be something special and out of the ordinary. The internet has made it possible to find the kind of people you really are attracted to.

This site is about all kinds of androgynous men and the women who love them. Our topics cover all areas of male femininity such as cross dressing, feminization, pretty boys, bishonen, feminine fashion trends, beauty, gender codes and male emancipation all in the context of relationships, dating, family and society in general.

You’ll find lots of gender blurring ideas, photos and articles on feminine men. Some of the material is thought provoking and astonishing but most of this site is just for fun and enjoyment. Everyone is welcome to join the discussions and make comments and suggestions.

What are Feminine Men


Beauty and feminine attractiveness has traditionally been ascribed to women. But there is a push towards a whole new way of seeing men and boys. There are more and more women who date and love feminine men. Pretty girly boys who have delicate features, wear make-up, have long hair or wear girls’ clothes are increasingly popular in fashion and media – especially with women..

So what does it mean when a man is considered feminine? Usually people mistakenly think feminine men are gay but that’s not necessarily the case. As far as behavior is concerned, calling men feminine is really not saying anything at all because we all have a different idea of femininity. So we’re going to stick to the fun side of things and mostly talk about fashion and beauty. So what we call feminine men are usually straight men who look a tiny bit or a lot like women..


Beauty and Femininity


The modern world celebrates femininity and beauty more than ever before. There are many changes taking place in society - especially as far as gender characteristics are concerned. Men are going to have the freedom to express their feminine side and many will enjoy it along with all the benefits that come with a feminine personality.

This trend is not something that will overthrow masculinity or classical maleness and we don't want it to. So all you guys who can't identify yourselves with feminine men need not feel threatened by these changes in any way. Think of it more as a broadening of the horizon for men and their place in society. Nobody has to become feminine but, equally, nobody is denied their feminine side either.