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x - Shemales are quite a mysterious type of creature. They break all the rules we thought we knew about gender and sexuality. Actually, one can't really classify them with any particular sexuality without running into contradictions. It doesn't even matter if they're bi, straight or gay. So its not surprising that these beautiful people are often thought of as a 3rd gender.

It gets better: They are loved by men and women alike, but the men who love shemales are almost exclusively heterosexuals.


Image source: / CC BY 2.0

What are shemales anyway?

Here goes my attempt at a definition:

Shemales are people who's appearance and presence resembles that of a woman perfectly, in every way but one: They have a penis.
(This means that, in most countries, they are legally classified as men but who cares?)

Shemale or Ladyboy: what's the difference?

Most people treat the two words as synonyms. Our best bet is to go with the flow here because it would be too artificial to try and separate them in anyway.

Is a man who's interested in shemales gay or bi?

171975373_400ef29a17This is a common question. It really boils down to what you think makes someone a man or a woman. If a man is only defined by the genitalia, then that would mean shemales are men and the men who love them are homosexual. But I honestly doubt that many people think that way.

There's a whole load of physical attributes (not to mention the non-physical ones) that makes men or women what they are and the genitalia are just one of them. Right, now some people will say "but its the most important one". Then try this thought: You will never see that part of the vast majority of people you meet in your life. So that can't possibly be the one and only determining factor.

The truth is: All people have their own unique set of features that they look for in a man or a woman. So if somebody has all of the features that you think make up a woman then, to you, they ARE a woman. Period.

Image source: / CC BY 2.0

We should embrace shemales

They are gorgeous and fascinating. They are provocative and yet harmless. Shemales enrich our society greatly. True, they perplex our understanding of sexuality but that is a good thing because we never really had much understanding anyway. These beauties just show us quite how little we understand.