x - Since the word femininity is central to this website, it would only be appropriate to take a brief look at it:
If you asked 100 people what they thought make someone feminine, you'd get 100 different answers. So why base a website on such a vague term? Well it isn't that vague really (first contradiction in the 4th sentence = personal record). Let me explain. The word femininity is vague when you try to apply it to many people. Nonetheless, you as an individual, know exactly what it means to you and in that sense it isn't vague at all.

Common misconceptions:

-to mistake the word feminine with female. They are two very different words and should be treated as such. Females aren't necessarily feminine, nor are feminine people necessarily female. The same applies to the words masculine and male.-another common mistake is to associate feminine men with homosexuality.

Where is the word used?

We can break it down into areas of interest. Femininity can be ascribed to someone's behavior, their looks and appearance or even just how they speak and interact. In other words, almost everything we are and do can be adjectivised with femininity.


We'll try to stay clear from boxing people's behavior into feminine/masculine categories. Its just too complicated and inherently sexist. So we focus on the easier ones: looks and appearance.

So lets go:

Everyone is invited to contribute to this project. If there's a topic you'd like us to add or cover in more depth, you can to mention it in the comments below. Perhaps you'd like to write an article yourself? In that case you can apply for author status by contacting the webmaster.