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x - Here are some of the most beautiful guys in the world.

Who's your favourite? Cast your vote and the results will determine the order of their appearance on this page. If you know of another beautiful creature that should be included, just mention it in the comments below. We're looking for anything male that might be called beautiful. They don't need to be dressed as girls but they can be. So crossdressers also qualify. Most featured here are celebrities, popstars and actors but they could come from all walks of life so fame or success are not requirements.

Bill Kaulitz

L2700759926_03d39bb7e2ead singer of the German pop band Tokio Hotel. He's a superstar in his country and, like the others here, obsessed over by masses of young girls.

His eyes are stunningly beautiful and, although his looks aren't even all that feminine, his manner and speech are very much so. By the way girls, he's still single and looking...

Image source: / CC BY 2.0
Gil Ofarim

04A German teenie star in the 90's when he was simply known as 'Gil'. His largest group of fans were girls, many of whom obsessed over him and his bishonen style look. Its not surprising then, that he was also very popular in Japan. Although he appeared as a musician, his fame and popularity were mostly down to appearance. He was first discovered when he featured in a picture story!